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Susie Flashman Jarvis Tunbridge Wells Counsellor


People have varied views on counselling, some think it is a complete waste of time as what difference can talking make? Others however, have spent time with a therapist as they have dared to bring into the open the traumas of their past and discovered something amazing happens: they are heard and they are not alone and for some reason everything changes.
I work with many different people who all have unique lives and all the reasons that they look for counselling are different too. They may fall into certain brackets, say- bereavement, but then who can say we can bracket death together as every loss in different too: they may have loved the lost one or maybe not, they may have mixed views on them, all I know is that it is only as you spend time with them that you can understand the details and true feelings about the loss.counsellor-susie-flashmsn-jarvisI am privileged to work with couples who come to see me when a crisis in their relationship arises, often it is because of an affair, but once again all affairs are different too and it is only as they become able that the truth surfaces and what is often very painful is examined.
Victims of sexual abuse are often found sitting opposite me as they gradually, over time take a deep breath and trust me with truths that so often have never seen the light of day, and have definitely never been uttered by them.
Women whose marriages have been full of abuse start to examine the truth of the person they have become as, in the safety of my room, they recognise the lies that they have lived for so long. Speaking these lies out reveals the burden that they have carried.
Children come, teenagers too, some full of hope but often full of pain and loss. And silence reigns as they battle to find words as they sit with me staring truth in the face.
So back to the beginning: what is counselling? It is a space, a safe place eventually, where the worst can be spoken and sometimes the best. It is a safe pair of metaphorical arms that will not break when the worst is said. It is a place where value is not earned but given. A place where I put one foot in another's world whilst keeping one foot safe in mine, it is a place of hope and love.


Susie Flasman Jarvis counselling in Tunbridge Wells – “A Safe Place To Be”

Susie Flashman Jarvis offers a wide range of counselling services to meet the needs of her clients.  An Accredited Counsellor with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists she has over 12 years experience working with men, women and children of varying ages and she also works with children and parents together and with couples.

"I work in a room on ground level that is easy to access. My clients experience it as a relaxing place to look at very difficult issues, a kind of sanctuary that allows them to sigh with relief as they settle in their chairs"
"I have a wide range of experience which results in even the most anxious client experiencing a holding relationship that enables them to look at the most deep rooted issues."counselling-psychotherapy-helps

As a Professional Counsellor holding an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and situated in Southborough on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells. She is able to support those living in the surrounding areas of Maidstone, Sevenoaks Kent and East Sussex. She is accessible via a local railway station and bus route for those without transport.

Her experience in counselling includes working with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, bereavement, trauma and domestic abuse. She is also able to provide clinical supervision to those working in a similar field.

Alongside her years of experience she also holds many relevant qualifications and accreditations to help her to help you:

  • - MBACP (Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists)
  • - Diploma in Supervisio
  • - Certified for working with trauma
  • - Cognitive Behavioural Approaches
  • - Intimacy Therapy
  • - Trauma of Rape and Sexual Abuse
  • - Working With Bereavement
  • - Couples counselling
  • - Working with teenagers
  • - Play therapy techniques

A reputable Counsellor working in Tunbridge Wells, Hildenborough, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas.

With the ability to undertake all types of counselling for various clients, whilst always maintaining a high standard of service, that is at a personal but professional level at all times Susie Flashman Jarvis has gained a reputation with her customers as one of the most effective counsellors in Sevenoaks.

Bereavement Counselling in Tunbridge Wells

If you require counselling for bereavement in Tunbridge Wells, Susie Flashman Jarvis can offer a confidential service to help you through this difficult time. She also offers therapy for clients who are suffering from stress, depression or anxiety in Tunbridge Wells or those who require counselling for work related issues.

So if you require a professional Counsellor in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells,Tonbridge, Maidstone or surrounding areas please contact Susie using the contact us form.